Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile is a prepaid mobile carrier with a mission to democratize wireless by making international calling more affordable and accessible. It serves millions of people in the United States with extended families, friends and colleagues living around the world.

Ultra Mobile seeks to continuously deliver new products and services to maintain and grow its customer base, but the proliferation of massive amounts of data was beginning to negatively affect business intelligence. The company needed to provide information to executive leadership as quickly as possible, as well as de-mitigate risk for unmanaged changes, like data gaps between different departments, and manage change, like difficulty integrating data documentation for each project.

erwin DI provides a company-wide data governance framework that gives business users the power of self-service data discovery. With it, the Ultra Mobile BI team can catalog data assets, add definitions within a business glossary, and maintain a searchable repository for understanding how data is used and stored.


  • Quality-of-service issues are proactively detected and corrected, averting mass customer churn.
  • Ultra Mobile can quickly identify process inefficiencies and make changes that drive profitability.
  • Terabytes of raw data now can be viewed with business context, ensuring business users understand it for maximum use and promoting consistency in reporting activities across departments.
  • The Ultra Mobile BI team can trace and audit data maps from a single source, including version and change management, to demonstrate value to the business.