SSE plc supplies energy to more than 9.5 million customers throughout Great Britain and Ireland and is the United Kingdom’s leading generator of electricity from renewable sources.


SSE wanted to create a central repository for multiple stakeholders, produce business process definition documents across multiple work streams, and preserve a single version of the truth for future programs.


SSE used erwin solutions to customize the meta model to capture its business and IT modeling artifacts into a shared environment. The company also created a business process definition template that substantially reduced the time required to produce a revised version or introduce a new business process.


  • Helped standardize the methodology used to capture concise business process maps and definitions, reducing the acceptance review time and improving quality
  • Created and modeled nearly 2,500 business process steps, resulting in the efficient production of more than 80 business process definition documents
  • Built comprehensive repository of all business process maps related to customer supply, including IT systems and interfaces