Finance & Insurance Global

A global finance and insurance corporation with operations in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions that provides a range of products, including general property/casualty, life insurance and retirement and financial services.


The customer’s life and retirement business unit is migrating 10 data sources to a cloud-based data lake to serve as its central data hub.


The customer decided to implement the erwin Data Intelligence (DI) Suite to harvest the metadata from its various systems, including core, legacy and on-premise Hadoop systems, and ingest it into the new AWS-hosted data lake based on source-to-target mappings.


  • Multi-fold productivity increase (> 85 %) over traditional means, as manually intensive and complex coding efforts have been automated
  • Steep improvement in productivity (> 70 %) because of seamless access to and visibility of all metadata, including end-to-end lineage
  • Complete traceability and auditability of data maps from a single source, including version and change management