BFSI Australia

The customer is a multinational insurance company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. It is engaged in underwriting general insurance in territories within Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


Managing data warehouse mappings via MS Excel had become impossible to manage. The lack of a central repository for data dictionaries and managing codes and code set values in Excel spreadsheets added to the complexity and cost. It was difficult to see which data mappings and ETL jobs were impacted by monthly release cycles and what the changes were.

The customer wished to standardize code set management and enforce standards and best practices for reference data management to save time and money by building repeatable processes.


By implementing erwin Mapping Manager, the customer was able to realize instant business value by maintaining all enterprise codes and reference data within a consolidated repository.


  • Considerable savings with standardized code sets and reference data
  • Streamlined conversion between legacy and enterprise code sets
  • Code sets and code crosswalks control and management
  • Better governance, control and manageability of enterprise reference data
  • Improved data quality and trust