Enhanced Features in erwin’s Enterprise Architecture Software Suite Improve Enterprise Collaboration, Business Intelligence and Agility

erwin announces the availablity of the latest version of erwin Evolve, including an enhanced integration with erwin Data Modeler.

MELVILLE, N.Y., November 17, 2020 erwin, Inc. today announced the availability of the latest version of erwin Evolve for enterprise architecture and business process modeling and analysis. The software suite includes an enhanced integration with erwin Data Modeler, meaning data models can be ingested by erwin Evolve as part of the wider enterprise architecture for greater data visibility and understanding of its location and the systems that use it.

“There’s no question that data is fundamental to enterprise architecture,” explains Martin Owen, erwin’s Senior Vice President of Product Strategy. “So it’s exciting to talk about erwin Evolve helping both enterprise architecture and data professionals ensure consistency in systems infrastructure, provide better data and system governance, and simplify enterprise information and technology management. The more your data and enterprise architecture work together, the more successful your big data, digital transformation and other IT initiatives will be through greater enterprise collaboration.”

erwin Evolve’s analytics accelerator has been enhanced to provide more complex, real-time business intelligence (BI) reporting. The erwin Evolve Analytics Accelerator now:

  • Combines data from the desired sources for BI reports without having to ingest it into the central repository, maintaining erwin Evolve’s performance and stability
  • Allows data to be reformatted for use by other systems
  • Tracks historical data changes for new dimensions in BI reporting, such as information audits, contribution reports and activity analysis

erwin Evolve Web Modeler, an integrated, web-based, fully functional modeler that enables the creation of new diagrams or edits to existing ones, also has been enhanced with:

  • Support for shape regions, automated graphical indicators overlaid on diagrams that search EA models for important but hidden information to increase user productivity
  • Automated positioning on swimlane diagrams with linkage between swimlanes and tasks to help business users quickly and easily create process maps
  • Objects and relations management to ensure alignment between diagrams and the underlying models, including the automated creation of relations in box-in-box diagrams and the management of deletions

“One of our customers recently shared their case study, explaining that they were about to ‘put the enterprise in enterprise architecture’ thanks to erwin Evolve,” notes Owen. “EA really is all about collaboration in accomplishing enterprise goals and working across technology, business and data silos is more important than ever. We’re pleased to support some of the largest companies on the planet as they strengthen not only their EA practices but also bring EA to more people outside IT in quickly responding to organizational threats as well as opportunities.”