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9 Data Governance Blog Posts Every C-Level Exec and Data Professional Should Read

In response to growing interest about data governance (DG), we’ve compiled a list of the data governance blog posts from 2017 you have to read.

Data industry analysts, thought-leaders and commentators largely agree that DG will have a significant influence on 2018 data trends.

Whether in response to tighter regulations (see our GDPR series here) or greater competition in data-driven business, data governance is undergoing an evolution.

Businesses are being encouraged to de-silo data governance efforts, moving the responsibility away from just IT to a more collaborative, company-wide approach. The evolution is overdue, as the siloed nature of DG is largely accredited for the failure of Data Governance 1.0.

Leaving IT to deal with data governance on its own led to a lack of context, gaps and poor data quality because the cataloging of data elements wasn’t carried out by the people who actually use the data.

We believe the following data governance blog posts will help you catch up on everything DG, so you can transition your business from Data Governance 1.0 to Data Governance 2.0.

Top 9 Data Governance Blog Posts


Data Governance 2.0: Collaborative Data Governance

Data Governance 1.0 has been too isolated to be truly effective, and so a new, collaborative data governance approach is necessary.


What Is Data Governance?

Dataversity gives its take on the definition of data governance and outlines some of its benefits.


Data Governance: Your Engine for Driving Results

As organizations seek to unlock more value by implementing a wider analytics footprint across more business functions, data governance will guide their journeys.


Data Will Change the World, and We Must Get Its governance Right

The Guardian writes that while the opportunities presented by ever-growing data are abundant, so too are the threats.


An Agile Data Governance Foundation for Building the Data-Driven Enterprise

The data-driven enterprise is the cornerstone of modern business, and good data governance is a key enabler.


He Who Rules the Data, Rules The World: A Brief History of Data Governance

According to Forbes, data rules the world, but who rules the data? The companies that collect it? The servers that store it? The cables and satellites that transmit it? Or the laws that keep it flowing into the right hands—and away from the wrong ones?


The Top 6 Benefits of Data Governance

It’s important we recognize the benefits of data governance beyond General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, and we compile them here.


The Secret to Data Governance Success

For many organizations just getting started with DG, implementation will be reactionary because of its mandatory status under (GDPR). As such, businesses might be tempted into doing the bare minimum to meet compliance standards. But done right, data governance is a key enabler for any data-driven business.


Data Governance and Risk Management

As data continues to be more deeply intertwined in our day-to-day lives, the associated risks are growing in number and severity. So there’s increasing scrutiny on organizations’ data governance practices – and for good reason.


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