Connecting to Mart

You can save a reverse engineered model at a predefined location in your mart. However, to save a model to a mart, you need to be connected to it.

Connecting to Mart On Cloud (With SSO user) using API is restricted.

For more information on saving a reverse engineered model to a predefined location on the mart, refer to the Setting Reverse Engineering Options topic.

Ensure that you have configured and initialized erwin Mart Portal.

To connect to a mart, follow these steps:

  1. On the ribbon, in the Mart group, click Connect.

    The Connect to Mart screen appears.

  2. Work with following fields:
    Server Name

    Defines the name of the web server where you have installed the Mart.


    Specifies the port number to access the web server.

    Default: 18170

    Use SSL

    Specifies that you want to connect to the Mart through a secured connection. SSL lets you access the Mart through a secured connection. This check box is enabled only if you have configured SSL on your web server. For more information about configuring SSL, see the Implementation Guide (Workgroup Edition).

    Application Name

    Defines the application name of the Mart that you want to connect to.

    Default: MartPortal


    Specifies the type of authentication you want to use. You can use a user name that is authenticated by the Mart Portal application.

    If you are a non-administrator user, to be able to use Windows Authentication, ensure that you clear the Local System check box. Then, use your Windows <<Domain\Username>> and password to start the erwin DM Scheduler Service.

    User Name

    Defines the name of the user that has access to the Mart. If you are using a Windows-authenticated user name, enter it in the <domain name>/<user name> format.

    A local Windows user who does not belong to a domain or who is not part of an Active Directory cannot log in to the Mart as a Windows user.


    Defines the password of the user.

    A password should fulfill the following criteria:
    • Contains at least 1 lowercase character

    • Contains at least 1 uppercase character

    • Contains at least 1 number

    • Is minimum 6 characters in length

    • Is maximum 130 characters in length

    Apart from the above criteria, special characters are optional.
  3. Click Connect.

    If you have selected Use SSL and the security certificate is installed, you are connected to the Mart.

    After you connect to the Mart, if you click Connect to Model Manager again, a dialog opens seeking your permission to disconnect from the Mart.

    If your security certificate is not installed, a message, The certificate authority is invalid or incorrect, appears. You must install the security certificate to proceed.

    1. Click OK on the message.

      The SSL Certificate Install dialog opens.

    2. Click Install.

      The Certificate dialog opens.

    3. Click Install Certificate.

      The Certificate Import Wizard dialog opens.

    4. Click Next.
    5. Click the Place all certificates in the following store option button and click Browse.
    6. In the Select Certificate Store dialog, select Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click OK.
    7. Click Finish.

      The security certificate is installed and you are connected to the Mart.