DM Connect for DI

The DM Connect for DI utility is an integration between erwin Data Modeler (DM) and erwin Data Intelligence Suite (DI Suite). It enables you to sync data between erwin DM and erwin DI Suite using erwin Mart Administrator as an interface; thus, maintaining a single metadata and glossary source.

Using DM Connect for DI, you can schedule jobs to push data models from your mart repository to erwin DI Suite’s Data Catalog. Further, it integrates the naming standards set up on your models into the Business Glossary Manager. For more information on DM Connect for DI utility works, refer to the erwin DM Connect for DI guide.

Before you start using DM Connect for DI, ensure that you have the following in place:

Note: DM Connect for DI may not work as expected in any language other than English.

Once you have the above prerequisites in place, to start exporting data to erwin DI Suite, schedule jobs.