Installing erwin DM Scheduler

erwin DM Scheduler is one of the components in erwin Data Modeler (DM) installer. Installing it installs erwin DM Scheduler Service in your environment.

Note: Installing erwin DM Scheduler installs Windows Resource Kit Tools. It is not a prerequisite and you can uninstall it without affecting erwin DM Scheduler's function. However, this set of tools assists you to manage issues in permissions and security for erwin DM Scheduler. It helps you troubleshoot in case you do not have appropriate privileges to use erwin DM scheduler windows service.

Follow these steps to install erwin DM Scheduler:

  1. On erwin DM installer, select erwin DM Scheduler and click Next.

  2. Select the type of erwin DM Scheduler Service that you want to create.

    You may choose to create a local administrator user-based service or a domain-based non-administrator service.
    To be able to connect to the Mart from the Scheduler using Windows Authentication, instead of Local System, use Domain\Username to create the erwin DM Scheduler Service. For example, the following image shows the Domain\Username format:

    Note: On erwin Data Modeler 32-bit version, for International OS (I18N), starting or stopping the erwin DM Scheduler Service may display a warning. In that case, use domain credentials to start or stop the service.
  3. Finish the installation according to the instructions on next screens.
    erwin DM Scheduler Service is installed in your environment and is added to erwin Data Modeler under the Tools tab.