Reverse Engineer Processing Errors

When you reverse engineer a script or a database, parser errors may occur. Parser errors often occur when there is a mismatch between the syntax in the script or database, and the target server for the new model. For example, if you try to reverse engineer an Oracle database after selecting SQL Server as the target server, you will encounter parser errors.

After you select the Reverse Engineer options from the wizard and click Next, the parser begins to process your script file or database. If the parser encounters an error, it displays it in the informational window in the parser dialog. The parser dialog provides you with information that enables you to evaluate the processing errors and view details of a specific syntax error.

When a parser error displays, you can choose one of the following actions from a pop-up box:

Skip this error

Skips the displayed error and continues processing the script or database.

Skip all errors

Skips all errors and completes processing the script or database.

Cancel processing

Closes the parser dialog and cancels the reverse engineering process.

You can save the text of a selected error to a text file. For long error messages, select an error, and then click the Details icon to display the complete text of the error in a new window.